Ultrasound Guided Injection Techniques

Ultrasound guided injection techniques which include:

Epidural injections

Facet joint injections

Nerve blocks

Intercostal blocks

Stellate ganglion blocks

Brachial plexus blocks

Sciatic injections

Piriformis blocks

All injection procedures use ultrasound guidance. Ultrasound guidance use has many advantages because it is a very sophisticated imaging device that accurately puts medication where it needs to be. This makes the injection much more effective reducing adverse effects. Unlike fluoroscopy, there is absolutely no exposure to radiation nor is anesthesia needed. It is a very accurate procedure, visualizing delicate structures which are avoided using this procedure. After a particular area is identified, an injection of either a local anesthetic along with a short acting and medium acting anti-inflammatory medication is usually used and is quite effective. The pain is generally minimal with very little or no bleeding.

The injections are done in the office under sterile conditions usually taking no more than 15-20 minutes. Ultrasound uses very safe sound waves so it can be used even in pregnant woman.