PENS Treatment

Dr. Hayes is specially trained, qualified, and licensed to perform a special type of physical medicine treatment for chronic pain syndromes. It is called Craig PENS Treatment, and it is very effective for treating chronic pain especially of the cervical spine and low back. It is also very useful for treating pain of the sciatica, migraine headaches, arthritis, complex regional pain syndrome, and RSD. This technique uses very fine, sterilized acupuncture needles which are essentially painless with no bleeding or risk of infection (as opposed to traditional hypodermic needles which cause more pain and bleeding). The needles are placed based upon the location of nerves involved in the patient's pain syndrome as opposed to traditional acupuncture where the needles are placed in meridians or energy channels often far from the site of pain. Utilizing this technique, Dr. Hayes has an 80 to 85 percent positive response rate in improving sciatica and low back pain. There is virtually no risk or side effects to this treatment.

With PENS Treatment, the needles are stimulated with battery operated stimulators at very specific frequencies. Treatments last anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes; some patients respond positively between six and ten treatments.

Dr. Hayes is one of the few doctors in Pennsylvania who uses this technique. This particular treatment must be performed by a health care provider who is licensed as both a licensed physician and as an acupuncturist. If you have any further questions regarding Craig PENS, you can log on to or speak to Dr. Hayes personally.